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Yuneec HD Racer Review

Read the full Yuneec HD Racer review here. Take a look at this Yuneec HD Racer quadcopter, especially if you’re seeking an advanced FPV racing drone. This is one of the latest drones from Yuneec, a top quadcopter company. This is Yuneec’s first racing drone, and lots of people are quite excited about it! It is set to be on the market for the spring of 2018.

Not only does it have a high quality camera, but the Yuneec HD Racer is a compact, small drone perfect for racing. You can count on Yuneec for high quality construction. Best of all, if you are new to drone racing, the Yuneec HD Racer has specific “beginner modes” just for you to get started with. So this is a great racing drone to get your family member or friend, who has a strong interest in racing a drone, but has never tried it. With a price point of under $200, it also is quite budget-friendly too.

So if you’ve been curious about racing drones, this is the perfect Yuneec HD Racer review for you. As you’ll learn about a quadcopter drone that Yuneec has created, that even a beginner can use right out of the box. We think this drone also makes for a terrific holiday or birthday gift for any family member or friend that you have, who’s always wanted a racing drone.

Yuneec HD Racer Review: Specs and Features

  • The Yuneec HD Racer drone has a camera that records 1080p video at 60fps. You can also record low-latency video, so you’ll have a live feed while racing your drone. Such an appealing feature, especially in a racing drone meant for beginners!
  • One feature we really want to point out to you is the flip-up feature. As a pilot, you can confidently get your Yuneec HD Racer back upright while flying – and even back in the air if it happens to crash.
  • The Yuneec HD Racer in this review is easy to store. You’ll be pleased to note that the quadcopter is compact and the blades have been completely protected. If you are racing someone an hour away, this is a drone you can travel confidently without worries.
  • While the Yuneec HD Racer does have propeller blades, we really like how they have protected them. You can expect a speedy drone and spend less time worrying about the arms and blades as well.
  • This Yuneec HD Racer is a high-quality and durable drone. You can focus on racing and simply enjoy using your drone, instead of worrying what happens if you crash.

Yuneec HD Racer

  • Now, this may excite you (or as a parent – alarm you a bit…) because the Yuneec HD Racer has protected blades, it also can be flown indoors! If you live in an area with lots of snowstorms, rain or other extreme weather – this is the perfect drone to fly in a large space, such as a gym, basement or even a hallway.
  • Control your quadcopter drone easily. The Yuneec HD Racer review has been created with beginning drone racers in mind. This is a drone that you can get started with right away, it is not complicated to operate.
  • The battery life for this drone is 6 minutes. If you’ve flown different types of drones, then you have seen higher amounts on a battery time. But keep in mind the Yuneec HD Racer is a racing drone, and the amount of time is actually quite generous – a good time for racers.
  • Yuneec HD Racer is quite compact. Think of the palm of an adult-sized hand. So as a racing drone, you can go just about anywhere you would like to.
  • Price of the Yuneec HD Racer is $179.99 – this drone will release in the spring of 2018!
  • There is a warranty available for the Yuneec HD Racer.

Editor’s Comments on the Yuneec HD Racer Review

Let’s do a price comparison of similar racing drones on the market today:

  • ARRIS X-Speed 280 V2 FPV Quadcopter Racing Drone $319.00
  • Goolsky MJX Bugs 6 B6 720P Camera FPV Drone 250mm High Speed Brushless Racing Quadcopter $239.99
  • Redcat Racing Carbon 210 Race Drone $300.89
  • EACHINE Wizard X220S FVP Quadcopter Racer $329.99
  • Yuneec HD Racer $179.99

While anyone can easily see the Yuneec HD Racer drone is the most budget-friendly, this is not the only reason to consider it. We think one of the top standout reasons to select this drone is that it has been created with beginning drone racers in mind. If you have a teenager who has always wanted to race drones, this is a great way to get them started. If you’ve been looking for a terrific racing drone for Father’s Day, this is one that the kids can proudly purchase with their own money.

Yuneec HD Racer Review: Specs and Features

Keep in mind that this drone has also been created by Yuneec, a well-known Chinese drone company that has designed top quality quadcopters and drones. Not only it’s a racing drone, but there is a camera on it and the operator can easily capture the live action right as it happens.

We think the Yuneec HD Racer is a top gift idea, if you’ve got in mind to give a racing drone someone you care about. If you have wanted to give racing drones a try, what could be better than doing so for under $200 – with a high-quality drone that has features you’d pay twice the price for?