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Just Drones based in Melbourne Australia are all about drones and anything quadcopter related.
Our range of drones has been carefully selected to bring the best of breed toy and hobby quadcopters to our customers.

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Looking for a Nano, Micro, Camera or First Person View Quadcopter? The best entry level and toy drones are all here.

Wingsland M5 FPV Quadcopter

With a range up to 1000m utilising both GPS and GLONASS satellite navigation systems and equipped with a 13MP HD Camera the lightweight and compact Wingsland M5 is set to be the ultimate aerial photography drone.

The M5 can be controlled via an Android Pilot App or the GPS equipped Intelligent Flight Controller. Both allow for full control over flight parameters and camera functions whilst streaming crystal clear 1080p HD video.

Packed with features such as Follow Me, Automatic Flight Routes, Waypoints, Intelligent Direction Lock, Dynamic Home Lock, Point of Interest, One Key Take Off and Landing, High Precision Auto RTH and Low Voltage Protection the M3 epitimises the next level in consumer drone technology.

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S450 Waterproof Quadcopter

The Fibreglass Composite S450 is 100% Waterproof and built to survive the harshest of conditions. With a range up to 1000m and flight time around 20min the S450 boasts full GPS functionality such as Position Hold, Return to Home and full GPS Waypoints.

Equipped with Auto Hover the S450 hovers perfectly in place, holding both position and altitude until it is instructed otherwise, this is a professional level multi-rotor aircraft in an easy to use, ready to fly package.

FPV Racing has Arrived

Custom Made MRV 250 FPV Racers Now Available

Fully tuned and ready to race, the Multirotorverse series of 250 FPV Racers are custom made 250 class racing drones. Built from the ground up for high speed flying and racing they come in 3 flavours. The X-Fighter is perfect for entry level FPV pilots, The Hel Yeh for the intermediate pilot looking for something special with a competitive edge and then there's the Next Level, a superbly built and tuned high performance drone for the serious high speed pilot or racing enthusiast.

Pair your radio transmitter and charge some Li-Po's. You're ready to race FPV.


Choosing a Quadcopter

What do you look for in a drone? Our guide to the features you want to consider will help you make the right choice.

CX-20 Quadcopter Inflight

The Drone Revolution

The emergence and proliferation of quadcopter technology has blown traditional RC helicopters into a tailspin.


Getting a Drone?

If you are, that's great. But do you know the rules? Here's a short video from the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) that outlines the basic rules that cover the use and operation of Remotely Piloted Aircaft (RPA) or Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) here in Australia. Have fun, but fly your drone responsibly.

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