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TankCopter: The Quadcopter + Tank Hybrid Called B-Unstoppable

The Unstoppable Drone!

I don’t know about you but many of us RC lover has probably had something like this in mind.

In fact, Parrot (a major player in the drone game) has a few hybrids of their own, like the Parrot MiniDrone Rolling Spider

But this is different.

Here we are introduced to the TankCopter. The name says it all; Its a hybrid of a RC car and a quadcopter that can maneuver in any terrain.

Some if you may be ready to grab your own, especially since the holiday season is here, but its actually still in development. The creator is running an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds and awareness to this awesome copter.

What Exactly Can This TankCopter Do?

To start

There are 3 different models

  1. A Standard Model
  2. A DVR Cam Model
  3. A FPV Model

In general, the B-Unstoppable Quadcopter has the ability to scour the grounds and then, at the pilots will, soar the skies (indoor and outdoor). Simple and plain.

Still, similar to other copters coming out in 2016 like the Lily Cam and the Snap Flying Camera , the B Unstoppable drone has more to it.


The B Unstoppable weighs 84 g, powered by a 900 mAh Li-po battery that promises about 15 minutes driving and flying time, built-in 360 camera, 2.4 GHz radio transmitter and front and back lights that come in handy for flying at night and lets you know when the battery is dying.

b unstoppable drone

With all its cool features, it makes for a cool, sturdy, versatile and fun “RC toy”- you can see the endurance and wind resistance here.

The B Unstoppable Quadcopter Tank seems to be ideal for all RC lovers, but especially cool for kids who love to drive/fly anywhere they please.

In one moment, you could be driving around your backyard; through the grass, over twigs, and on the dirt. Then, in another moment, you can run into a rock thats just a little too high- so you which modes and fly over it.

Watch as the B Unstoppable flies to the top of some stairs- Not all quads can do this

How awesome is that?!

From there its your choose- you can stay in the sky or land after you’re clear of the rock.

Lets not forget you have the choose of having a camera on board too.

Check out the campagin for more information on this B Unstoppable drone.

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