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DM006 Falcons Wi-Fi FPV Quadcopter
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DM109s Conqueror Wi-Fi FPV Quadcopter

$245 $79

Skill Level: Beginner – Novice
Flight Time: 10 – 13 minutes
Control Dist: 150 metres
Size: Medium

  • + 720p HD Wi-Fi FPV Camera
  • + Barometer Altitude Hold
  • + One Button Return Home
  • + Headless Mode
  • +

DM109s Conqueror

RTF 2.4 GHz 4 Channel Remote Controlled Quadcopter with First Person View via Wi-Fi to Apple or Android device.

Introducing the super stylish DM109s Conqueror, a mid-sized First Person View (FPV) drone that transmits real-time video via Wi-Fi to your phone or tablet using an iPhone or Android app.

Following the great success of the previous DM007 quadcopter, the new DM109s comes with a series of improvements and new features. The most important thing is that the direct motor drive system is still used, this means no additional gears, shafts or sleeves, reducing friction and energy loss. This power output system also enables more streamlined motor pods and arms reducing wasted draft produced by the propellers.

The new DM109s comes with a larger 2S battery that has 600mAh where the older DM007 had 380mAh, this will enable an extended flight time that is reported to go over 10+ minutes, reaching even 12-13 minutes in good conditions.

Other improvements include a new transmitter and the presence of an additional air pressure sensor also referred to as a barometer, this will keep the drone at a preset altitude and it will keep that height constant regardless of yaw, speed and heading direction. Very nifty.

With a 2 speed controller and a 6 Axis Gyro providing Stable Hovering, Flips and Rolls in any direction as well as One Key Take Off and Landing the DM109s is an easy to fly quadcopter in a compact package chock full of features.


  • Wi-Fi enabled First Person View via an App
  • Real-Time Video Transmission to Smartphone or Tablet
  • 0.5 MP Wi-Fi FPV Camera
    • 720p HD Video (1280 x 720 px @ 30 fps)
    • 1.3 MP stills (1280 x 720 px)
  • Air Pressure Altitude Hold Function
  • One Key Landing and One Key Take Off
  • 6 Axis Gyro Stablised Flying and Hovering
  • 6 Degree Freedom
  • One Button 360° Flips and Rolls
  • 2 Speed Modes – High and Low
  • LED Navigation Lights
  • Highly Durable Plastic Hull
  • Propeller Guards

DM109s Conqueror Wi-Fi FPV Quadcopter - In the Box


  • Product Size: 315 x 315 x 100 mm
  • Product Battery: 7.4V 600 mAh Li-Po
  • Charging Time: 60 minutes
  • Flying Time: 10 – 13 minutes
  • Flying Range: 150 metres
  • Transmitter Battery: 4 x 1.5V AA battery
  • Colours: Black or White





In The Box

  • Quadcopter (1 pc)
  • 2.4 GHz 4 Channel RC Transmitter (1 pc)
  • 720p Wi-Fi FPV Camera (1 pc)
  • 7.4V 600 mAh Li-Po Battery (1 pc)
  • USB Balance Charger (1 pc)
  • Spare Propellers (1 set)
  • Legs (1 set)
  • Propeller Guards (1 set)
  • Phone Mount (1 pc)
  • Screwdriver (1 pc)
  • Instruction Manual

DM009 Conqueror Test Review

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