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May 1, 2013
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June 25, 2014
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CX-20 Auto Pathfinder Quadcopter


Skill Level: Beginner – Expert
Flight Time: 15 – 30 minutes
Control Dist: 300 metres

The CX-20 Auto Pathfinder Quadcopter has an integrated flight dynamics system, the MX + GPS multi-rotor autopilot system making for a stable, yet agile performance and easy to fly.

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RTF 2.4 GHz 6 Axis Gyro 4 Channel RC Quadcopter CX-20

Product size: 30 x 30 x 20 cm

Product Battery 11.1V 2700 mAh

Charging time: 90 – 120 minutes

Flying time: 15 – 30 minutes

Flying range: 300 m

Functions: 6 degree freedom, hovering, LED lights, gyro stable flying, highly durable plastic, integrated flight dynamics system MX + GPS multi-rotor autopilot system, two flight control modes, including position hold and intelligent orientation control, failsafe & auto go home/landing

Colours: White with red trim.