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Sprite Drone Revealed: An Awesome Device for Outdoor Enthusiasts!

There are dozens of great drones on the market, but the Sprite Drone is simply different. The design of the drone is a little bit odd, but this does not mean that this model isn’t powerful.

There is even first person view, and the project has been on Kickstarter, where 532 people have pledged $406,000 to the project to bring it to life.

Powerful and simple to use, Sprite is the most portable and rugged unmanned aerial vehicle for outdoor enthusiasts.

Sprite aims to be as hard-working as you are. All of the drone’s components are tightly sealed so that they are safe against dust, debris and water. The design is unlike anything you’ve ever seen, looking more like a vertical tube. The shape has a unique purpose, which we will discuss shortly. But before we get to that, let’s take a look at the product’s specification:

  • First person view
  • 4-mile range
  • 1080p HD
  • GPS built-in
  • 1 v LiPo battery
  • Landing gear available
  • 30 fps (1080p) /60 fps (720p)
  • Current flight time of 12 minutes
  • Around 25 mph speed

How Sprite Works

Sprite is meant to be a tool and not a toy, according to the manufacturer. This is a completely autonomous model that you can use either with a traditional flight controller or mobile Android device.

What you’ll do is create flight paths to have your drone continually fly these paths and take pictures.

There is also a “follow me” mode, which allows the drone to follow as you as you move.

Control is done in complete real-time through your tablet or smartphone. Even in wet or rugged ventures, Sprite will hold up to the most rugged conditions. Simply press a button and watch as it launches off. You launch it from your hand, and it does all the rest for you.

Small and compact, the blades fold against the body of the unit, allowing it to be placed easily in a backpack or bag.

A landing pad will be offered, but when landing in tough terrain is simply impossible, you’ll be able to land this unit safely no matter where it is located. At a safe altitude, the brakes will stop the motor, the propellers will fold into the body, and the drone will fall to the ground without breaking. Durable material allows this model to fall without getting damaged in the process no matter whether it’s sand, water or even marsh.

More Things to Know About Sprite Drone

sprite drone 2

Perfect for adventurers, photographers or rescue services, this model even includes a high-intensity LED light that is perfect for night operations or low visibility.

Being able to go up to 25 miles per hour and resist heavy winds, you will be able to take Sprite with you no matter where you go.

Sprite is set to be released in December, but the project was delayed a few times, so we’re not sure about the release date. We do know that you can set flight paths and flight patterns. And we’re very excited about the 3PV “follow me” mode. Essentially, you’ll be able to have your drone follow you and adjust the settings to create the perfect pictures for your needs.

You can have the drone fly away from you and fly back to the area, and complete a variety of other advanced maneuvers along the way to take the perfect pictures whether for a movie, sporting event or any other needs.

Simple, rugged and the latest in modular design, the Sprite is one of the most highly anticipated drones on the market today.

Click here to learn more about the Sprite drone on the Official Website