Shit Happens!

Drone Repairs

Don't worry, accidents do happen and they happen to the best of us. The good thing is, most of the time, it's repairable.

Our Repair Process


The damage assessment cost is $100 (incl GST) irrespective of the drone or problem.


Once we've received your drone one of our technicians will pull it down and access what parts and how much labour is required to get it back together and in the air. You will be then issued a quote for said repairs, this will include the necessary parts and labour.

Labour is charged at $85 per hour.

Upon your approval we will conduct the repairs, update the firmware if necessary and flight test the drone. You will then be notified that your drone is ready to be picked up or you can have it shipped back to you.

PLEASE NOTE: The initial assessment fee (the pull down) includes the first hours labour.


What we need . . .

If your drone is in a case, bring the lot. Drone, battery and charger, controller etc. If not, bring it and its bits in a plastic tub ideally with a lid. We don't need your tablet, SD Cards or any other accessories you have so please remove them prior to dropping off the drone. If you a mailing it into us, please provide us all the relevant contact details so we can keep intouch and up to date.

What we don't do . . .

Unfortunately water damaged drones are generally beyond repair so we shy away from them. Older drones like the Phantom 2 or 3 are hard to get certain parts for and might not be viable repairs, and this applies to any exotic products you have. If we can't get the parts we will have to 'wave the white flag'.