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  • Ghost Aerial Quadcopter with 2D Gimbal

    $1495 $1150

    Skill Level: Beginner – Expert
    Flight Time: 30 minutes
    Control Dist: 1000+ metres

    Perfect for first-timers and experienced pilots alike. The Ghost Aerial Quadcopter with 2D Gimbal is controlled by an iOS or Android app using one click commands on your smartphone or tablet.

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  • LS-111 Nano QuadcopterLS-111 Nano Quadcopter with Controller


    QH LS111 Incredible Nano Quadcopter


    Skill Level: Beginner – Expert
    Flight Time: 4 – 5 minutes
    Control Dist: 20 – 30 metres

    Incredibly small, ridiculously nimble. The LS111 Nano is one of the smallest quadcopters on the market today. Ideally suited for indoor flight this nano drone is incredibly tough and highly manoeuvrable.

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  • CX-20 Quadcopter


    CX-20 Auto Pathfinder Quadcopter


    Skill Level: Beginner – Expert
    Flight Time: 15 – 30 minutes
    Control Dist: 300 metres

    The CX-20 Auto Pathfinder Quadcopter has an integrated flight dynamics system, the MX + GPS multi-rotor autopilot system making for a stable, yet agile performance and easy to fly.

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    998 V2 UFO Quadcopter with Camera


    Skill Level: Beginner – Expert
    Flight Time: 6 – 10 minutes
    Control Dist: 100 metres

    Old School Cool! Th full featured 998 V2 BumbleBee Quadcopter is a 2nd generation quadcopter equipped with a VGA camera. They are an ideal beginners platform. The Hot Rods of the sky.

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  • Evo-Flyer Quadcopter with Camera

    $109 $45

    Skill Level: Beginner
    Flight Time: 5 – 7 minutes
    Control Dist: 50 – 100 metres

    Beautifully presented with removable propeller guards and concealed LED lights, this small quadcopter is equipped with a VGA Camera and includes a 1GB Micro SD Card.

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  • Eachine VR-007 5.8GHz FPV Goggles

    $120 $75

    The Eachine VR-007 googles are perfect for any budget minded pilot wanting a taste of the fully immersive experience delivered when flying FPV.

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