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November 20, 2017
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Which Drones will be Hot in 2018?

MJX Bugs 2W Airborne

If drones are potential candidates for your bucket list, then you’re at the right place since I am going to show you which ones will create the most fuss in 2018. So, without much further adue let’s start off with the basics!

Knowing the basics…

We’ll start off with the assumption that you are buying children-friendly drone… even though that might be an adult child we are talking about here. Nevertheless, the outcome is pretty much the same – you need to know some basic drone terminology in order to know what you’re looking at. For some of you, that might seem like too much of a burden so you can simply skip to the next chapter where I will hand you 2 drones with Full HD cameras with no competition in sight. For those keen on learning new things I suggest you keep on reading then…

  • Motor type

            There are 2 main types of motors that we are going to discuss here. Obviously, both of them are DC motors running on various types of LiPo batteries (more on that below). They go by the name brushless and brushed due to the presence (and the lack of) a physical brush inside the motor mechanism. My advice – look for drones with brushless motors. They are a bit more expensive but provide better performance and last much longer than their brushed counterparts.

  • Battery/range

            As far as battery and operating range are concerned, go by the golden rule of thumb – the more the better. However, you cannot expect groundbreaking performance from an entry-level drone… but what you can do is look for the best price/performance ratio. Hint – both of the drones featured below make a great name for themselves as far as p/p ratio is concerned.

  • Camera

            Last but not least, the camera. Drones with cameras are ranking pretty high on the charts, but I guess I don’t have to be the one to tell you that. It’s not surprising at all, especially considering the majority of them sport some sort of video transmission system (AKA FPV) which allows you to see the action straight from the cockpit. Let’s not forget their awesome high definition aerial recordings which will leave you breathless.

Which drones are the best options in early 2018?

At the moment, I can think of 2 brilliant drones that will live up to being awesome presents for kids of all ages. Their price tags bear significant difference so don’t be alarmed once you see them!

Aiming high

For those of you looking for a great drone for kids with no budget-related concerns, i warmly suggest to take a closer look at DJI Spark. You can find it on sale at the moment. While you’re at it, I also recommend you get the DJI Spark Fly More Combo. Why? Find out below…

DJI Spark

Camera and features

Hands down the best thing about DJI Spark is its awesome camera. Not only can it record smooth 1080p footage but it also sports an integrated 2-axis gimbal. Needless to say, this will do wonders to your footage in terms of stabilization and frame control. You can expect buttery smooth footage time in and time out with crisp image quality and none of that nasty jello effect.

As for the features, DJI Spark rocks a steady set that is bound to amaze not just children but basically everyone who uses it. It’s insanely stable which is not surprising considering it sports GPS and altitude hold. There are more interesting features but the ones I’d like to mention are PalmLaunch and PalmControl. Combined with facial recognition software, DJI Spark can use these 2 features and allow you to takeoff and control it by using only your bare hands.


The reason I suggested you go for DJI Spark Fly More Combo is the fact that you’ll get Spark’s dedicated controller. Why is this good? Well, it significantly boosts the operating range meaning you will get anywhere from 500 to 2000 meters, depending on the area you live in. Furthermore, DJI Spark is no joke when it comes to operating time and it’s not shy to show off. This miniature quadcopter can stay in the air for roughly 15 minutes without breaking a sweat. If that’s not awesome then I really do not know what is…

Don’t underestimate cheaper drones!

Cheaper drones are not to be taken for granted. They often bear great value for money which is basically the definition of the perfect Christmas gift. MJX Bugs 2W is just that with its outright impressive performance and outright gorgeous design. Here’s what you can expect to get from this neat little quad:

MJX Bugs 2W

Camera and features

MJX Bugs 2W comes with a solid 1080p camera. It does not have a gimbal though, but you can’t really expect one at such a low price point. Despite this, this camera birdie is still capable of providing with solid video quality. Obviously, younger users will greatly enjoy this as it will give them the ability to record their surroundings from the air, giving them a completely new perspective.

Features are not to be taken for granted either. MJX Bugs 2W flies steady thanks to GPS/GLONASS reception as well as altitude hold. Additionally, it also has headless mode which will be of great help for first time users. Best of all, it is 100% safe and reliable thanks to failsafe protocols and return to home feature.


For this price, MJX Bugs 2W really racks up impressive numbers. So much that I’ll dare to say it virtually has no competitors nearby. Sure, you could say Hubsan H501S seems good too… but the operating range of MJX Bugs 2W sweeps it off the table. If you’re up for more precise numbers – this little fella can reach as far as 1000 meters away from its controller. You think that’s admirable? Its battery duration goes up to 18 minutes which is slightly better than DJI Spark and it costs more than double the money. Impressive is the correct keyword when describing MJX Bugs 2W, there’s no doubt about it!

And there it is guys… your very own drone shopping guide for 2018. Hope you enjoyed reading this. Until next time…

Happy Flying…