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9 Awesome Drones for Kids

9 Awesome Drones for Kids

UPDATED October 2018.

Looking for an awesome drone for the kids? No matter whether you’re buying for a birthday, the holidays or just for fun, a drone is the ultimate gift for kids. They’re fun to fly and most can perform cool tricks.

Here are 9 AWESOME drones that kids will love!

1. MJX Bugs 3 Mini (FPV Version)

MJX Bugs 3 Mini Quadcopter with FPV and Controller

If you’re looking to get a taste for drone racing without all the expense and complicated setup then the MJX Bugs 3 Mini is the perfect vehicle. It has powerful 2750kv brushless motors and a range up to 500m. The 850mAh 2S battery provides around 10 minutes of fly time on a single charge and batteries are easily swapped out should you want more time in the air.

Unique to Just Drones, the Bugs 3 Mini (FPV Version) does away with the supplied LED headlight and replaces it with a 5.8GHz camera that is matched to a 4.3″ 5.8GHz LCD Screen that mounts directly on the controller for a true lag less first person view experience.

The Bugs 3 Mini has 2 speeds (low and high) and 2 flight modes (self levelling and acro) that will keep both the novice and the expert pilot entertained for a long time.

Top it off with a pair of FPV googles such as the Eachine EV100 and you have a complete entry level racing setup that won’t break the bank.

Learn more about the MJX Bugs 3 Mini here.

2. Da Ming DM109s Conqueror

DM109s Conqueror Wi-Fi FPV Quadcopter with Controller and Phone

The new DM109s comes with a larger 2S battery that has 600mAh where the older DM007 had 380mAh, this will enable an extended flight time that is reported to go over 10+ minutes, reaching even 12-13 minutes in good conditions.

Following the great success of the previous DM007 quadcopter, the new DM109s comes with a series of improvements and new features. The most important thing is that the direct motor drive system is still used, this means no additional gears, shafts or sleeves, reducing friction and energy loss. This power output system also enables more streamlined motor pods and arms reducing wasted draft produced by the propellers.

Other improvements include a new transmitter and the presence of an additional air pressure sensor also referred to as a barometer, this will keep the drone at a preset altitude and it will keep that height constant regardless of yaw, speed and heading direction. Very nifty.

Learn more about the DM109s Conqueror here.

3. T-Smart XBM-57

XBM-57 1080p HD Wi-Fi FPV Quadcopter with Controller

The new T-Smart XBM-57 is the latest generation entry level First Person View (FPV) drone. It has a raft of features that sets it apart from the competition such as a unique slide out controller that can handle most devices including small tablets. Using either the iPhone or Android app the integrated 720p HD Camera transmits real-time video over Wi-Fi to your chosen device.

The app can be given voice commands as well as be set with way points that the drone will follow allowing the pilot to fly a pre-determined course. Other features on the XBM-57’s 2 speed controller include one button take off and landing, headless mode, a compass driven one button return home and a motor kill switch should you get into trouble and need to bail out before damaging the motors.

It also has barometer controlled altitude hold and can do flips and rolls in any direction with the press of a button.

Learn more about the XBM-57 here.

4. MJX Bugs 2W

MJX Bugs 2W Quadcopter with Controller

Considered one of the best drones released in 2018, the MJX Bugs 2W is simply a joy to fly. Equipped with a GPS module the drone will hold its position precisely, move accurately and return to its point of launch with one click of the home button. Auto take off and landing make it absolutely simple to fly.

Once airborne the powerful 1800kV brushless motors make this a very fast, agile and responsive drone. The 1800mAh 2S Li-Po battery will give you a good 15 minutes or more in the air.

Fitted with a 1080p HD Wi-Fi Camera in the nose the Bugs 2W transmits crystal clear video up to 500m with the Bugs GO app. Footage and stills can be recorded to a Micro SD card in the drone or directly to you smartphone via the app interface.

The Bugs 2W also has 3 fail safe modes that will ensure you never loose your drone. It ticks all the boxes as to what a good drone should have and do.

Learn more about the MJX Bugs 2W here.

5. Runqia Toys Aviator

Aviator 5.8GHz FPV Quadcopter with Controller

A little larger than the ubiquitous DJI Phantom drones, the Aviator is a big powerful beast fitted with a 720p HD 5.8GHz Camera. This drone doesn’t require a smartphone or app as imagery is transmitted to the included LCD screen using the 5.8GHz frequency. The biggest benefit of 5.8GHz over Wi-Fi is there is no noticeable lag in the picture seen onscreen. A major plus on any drone.

Being the size it is, the camera can be swapped out of the cradle and a GoPro or similar action camera can be attached should you require better quality footage. Fly time is around the 10-12 minutes mark and the range is about 200 metres which is double most in the brushed motor category.

The Aviator would also have to be one of the toughest drones we’ve seen. Ours has taken quite a hiding and is still flying albeit without any legs or camera and missing a few bits of plastic.

Learn more about the Aviator here.


6. Xin Hai Hong Pigeon King

Pigeon King Quadcopter with-Controller and Prop Guards in Black

Ideal for the budget conscience, the sub $100 Pigeon King is a great mid-sized entry level drone. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that some of the others in this list have, but it is an easy to fly basic drone that has anti-jamming circuitry to protect the motors should they become obstructed in the event of a crash. It also has headless mode, a basic return home feature and can do flips and rolls in any direction with the click of a button.

It is available with or without a 720p HD Wi-Fi camera that easily mounts on the drone and comes with a phone holder for the controller. The camera transmits its video over Wi-Fi to your smartphone using either the iOS or Android app. Images and video are captured straight to the device for easy sharing.


Learn more about the Pigeon King here.



7. TKKJ TK110

TK110 Wi-Fi FPV Quadcopter with Controller

The best thing about the TK110 is its unique folding design. Folded, it will easily fit into a small backpack meaning you can literally take it everywhere you go. Its compactness doesn’t mean it lacks features, it has barometer altitude hold, one button take off and landing, one button return home, headless mode and can do flips and rolls in any direction with the click of a button.

The controller has 2 speeds (low and high) and is able to be changed from Mode 2 to Mode 1, something not many drones will do at this level. It also has a small LCD screen on the controller that will display information such as signal strength and battery level. The 850mAh battery provides about 10 minutes of fly time and it has a range of around 80 metres.

The 720p HD Wi-Fi camera is mounted in the nose and can be tilted up and down by hand. It is the same type of camera as most in this list whereby video is transmitted over Wi-Fi to an app.

Learn more about the TK110 here.

8. Da Ming DM006 Falcons

DM006 Falcons Wi-Fi FPV Quadcopter with Controller

Slightly smaller than the DM109s, the DM006 from Da Ming has most of the same features as its big brother. It to is equipped with barometer driven altitude hold, one button return, one button take off and landing, headless mode and the usual flips and rolls in any direction.

The controller’s LCD screen provides you with the battery level and signal strength and has 3 speeds (low, medium and high).

The camera is also a 720p HD Wi-Fi unit and transmits its video over Wi-Fi to you smartphone via an iOS or Android app.

The 1000mAh battery provides a healthy 12-15 minutes of flight and has a range around 150 metres.

Learn more about the DM006 Falcons here.


9. Runqia Toy Explorer

Explorer 5.8GHz FPV Quadcopter with Controller

The Explorer is basically the same drone as the Aviator mentioned above. It has all the same features, same 5.8GHz camera, same flight time and range. The only real difference is the body which is a fraction larger than that of the Aviator. This beast has been very popular with the kids because of its Transformer-ish look.

Just like the Aviator, it is a big powerful drone that can easily lift a GoPro or similar action camera.

Learn more about the Explorer here.